Robert Riziki

Vice-Chair, Arts for Rights

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Robert Riziki is the current Vice-Chair of Arts for Rights. A  professional drummer, singer, and songwriter, the passionate Human Rights Defender is one of the founding members of Tamasha Band. Riziki uses his music career, which was launched nine years ago, to raise issues on gang violence, sexual harassment, human smuggling and trafficking, arms trafficking, and other forms of organized crime. A passionate farmer, Riziki enjoys capturing memories, sharing a good laugh with friends, or hanging out with his wife and daughter.

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31st CCPCJ Side Event: Communities on the frontline against organized crime

18 May 2022, 12:10 PM
Kjersti E. Andersen Luis Javier Campuzano Pina Maria Isabel Cruz Bernal Ian Tennant Hermanto Hasan Robert Riziki Bubacar Ture Mark Shaw Siria Gastelum Felix