Sean Sok Phay

Executive director, Child Helpline Cambodia Executive Director, Child Helpline Cambodia

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Mr. Sean Sok Phay graduated with a Bachelor Degree of Education in English and a Master Degree in International Relations. In 2002, he worked with the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center. He joined a coalition of women rights to lobby for the legislation of domestic violence law. The law was passed by the National Assembly In 2005.

In early 2007, he organized a human trafficking research to Taiwan. He approached the legislators to assist in communication with Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the arrangement of the meeting between NGO leaders and the Taiwanese officials. The meeting was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan in April 2007. The issue of trafficking in Cambodian girls was raised for the attention of the Taiwanese officials. The research finding was released and submitted to the Cambodian government for consideration of cracking down trafficking in Cambodian girls to Taiwan. In 2008, the Cambodian government released an instruction to crack down the crime of trafficking in Cambodian girls to Taiwan through false marriage and issued a sub-decree strengthening the enforcement of the procedure of marriage between Cambodians and foreigners.

In 2007, he was awarded the ASEAN Graduate Scholarship to pursue a Master Degree of International Relations in Singapore. In late 2009, he returned to work in Cambodia with The Asia Foundation, where he was successful in lobbying the government to approve the Policy and Minimum Standard for the Protection of the Rights of Victims of Human Trafficking. In April 2010, he led a team of 11 NGOs to advocate for a free Child Helpline phone for children. It’s very successful as the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication offered the free phone 1280 for children. Today the Child Helpline service is serving over 4,500 children and youth monthly across Cambodia. He is now working as the Executive Direct at Child Helpline Cambodia.

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