Eric do Val Lacerda Sogocio

Embassy of Brazil in Vienna, Brazil

About this speaker

Vice-Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee to Elaborate a Comprehensive International Convention on Countering the Use of Information and Communications Technologies for Criminal Purposes.

Counsellor at the Brazilian Permanent Mission to the International Organizations in Vienna.


Career diplomat since 2003.


International Relations Graduate at the University of Brasilia, in 2000.


Masters in Diplomacy by Instituto Rio Branco, the Brazilian diplomatic academy, in 2005.


Served at the Brazilian Embassies in Pretoria (2014 – 2017), Buenos Aires (2011 – 2014) and New Delhi (2008 – 2011), working, mainly, on issues related to defense and security.


Advisor to the Division Against Transnational Crime, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from 2005 to 2008, and head of this Division from 2018 to 2021, when he was posted to the Brazilian Mission in Vienna.


As Head of the Division Against Transnational Crime, he was the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the:

- Council for Financial Activities Control (COAF), the Brazilian financial intelligence unit;

- Board of the Brazilian Intelligence System (SISBIN);

- National Drug Policy Council (CONAD);

- National Commission for Public Security in Ports, Terminals and Waterways (CONPORTOS);

- National Strategy to Combat Corruption and Money Laundering (ENCCLA).


31st CCPCJ Side Event: The importance of including external perspectives in the negotiations on a UN cybercrime treat

16 May 2022, 11:15 AM
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