Alastair Nelson

Conservationist, and Senior Analyst, Observatory of Illicit Economies in Eastern and Southern Africa, GI-TOC

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Alastair is a Senior Analyst with the GI-TOC leading a project on convergence between wildlife trafficking and other illicit flows in southern and East Africa. He also conducts research into illicit trafficking on the Swahili Coast (Mozambique, Tanzania, the Comoros and Madagascar, amongst others) and helps to coordinate work in northern Mozambique.

As a conservationist, Alastair has worked for 25+ years implementing and leading field-conservation programs in the Horn of Africa, east and southern Africa. This includes more than 15yrs living and working in Mozambique, Tanzania and Ethiopia supporting national Governments on protected area support projects and counter wildlife trafficking programs.

Since 2018 he has focused on supporting Governments, NGOs and other partners to build capacity to tackle wildlife crime through establishing wildlife crime units, conducting targeted investigations into transnational networks, developing and strengthening strategies, operational frameworks, policy and legislation, and better understanding the drivers of wildlife crime. He is also involved in an innovative approach to tackle and reduce corruption in wildlife crime.

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Illicit economies, armed conflict and instability

22 March 2022, 02:00 PM
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